ZERO to HERO in Maths (Basic + Advance)

learn Super Quick Math Tricks & Smart Methods That will Improve your Mathematical Skills


Maths Calculations are Time Consuming for you ??

This Video course will help you to learn Super Quick Math Tricks & Smart Methods That will Improve your Mathematical Skills and will enable you to calculate much faster compared to the Traditional Methods.

What you will get in this Course ?
➤ 🎥 Video Lectures
 Module 1 Introduction & Basics 
- In this Module you will learn Introduction of Course & All Required Basics that will be helpful in all upcoming Chapters
 Module 2 Faster & Mental Addition Tricks 
- All the Methods for Faster & Mental Addition will be taught from basics with Explanation so that you don't need to Remember 
 Module 3 : Subtraction at Finger Tips
- In this module you will learn how to calculate mentally. You'll learn easy general methods that work with numbers to subtract numbers quickly and accurately.
 Module 4 : Multiplication Tricks All Types
- This Module is all about making multiplication simple. You'll learn handy tricks to multiply numbers quickly.
 Module 5 : Magic Division
- This Module is all about simplifying division. You'll learn straightforward methods to divide numbers, making it easy.
 Module 6 : Finding Squares in one Line
- This module helps you find square numbers quickly by using shortcuts to calculate squares without any stress.
 Module 7 : Square Roots at a Glance
In this module, you'll find step-by-step guidance for understanding square roots quickly and easily. You'll gain a clear and simple method for working with square roots.
 Module 8 : Digital Roots (VERY IMPORTANT)
- You'll learn about digital roots, which are super important in math. We'll make it easy for you to understand and use digital roots effectively.
 Module 9 : Magical Calendar
You'll learn how to use calendars effectively. It's like using a magic trick which is a helpful guide to make sense of them.
 BONUS Module 10 : Percentage
- This special bonus module provides in-depth knowledge, and will be helpful for competitive exams. You'll master percentages, finding them easy to understand and apply in any situation.
➤ 📖 Notes & Practice Sheets
 Special Notes : All Modules Included
 Practice Sheets : Extra Questions for Practice
➤ 📜 Official Certificate
 Once you complete the course, you will get Official Certificate from Well Academy

FAQ’s & Doubts

Who can Enroll in the course ?
– Students preparing for Competitive Exams, School Students who are facing issues in Maths also Parents & Teachers can enroll in this Course
Where this Course will Help ?
– In Competitive Exams where time is crucial and you have to solve questions quickly like SSC-CGL, CPO SI, CONSTABLE, CHSL, STENO, MTS, BANK PO, CLERICAL, RRB, RAILWAYS, INSURANCE, MANAGEMENT ENTRANCE EXAMS etc.
Where I will get Access of this course ? 
– You will get Access on our Android App and Website you can learn from anywhere, anytime
How I will get Access of this course ?
– Once the payment is completed you will be redirected to access page where everything is explained on how you can start watching videos
Curriculum for this course
  • Introduction
  • Faster & Mental Addition Tricks
  • Subtraction Tricks
  • Multiplication Tricks All Types
  • Magic Division
  • Finding Square in one Line
  • Square Roots at a Glance
  • Fastest Cubing
  • Tricks to find CUBEROOTS
  • Digital Roots
  • Magical Calendar
  • Percentage
  • How to get Certificate with Lifetime Validity
  • Zero to Hero in Maths

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    Certificate will be Given
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    Language : Hindi-English
    Validity : 12 Months