Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning Ability

Prelims Pack Description
Comprehensive video course having a unique mix of online video lectures by Well Academy's expert faculties to help you in your preparation and with video Lectures you will get E-book Material Chapter-wise for Last Moment Revise, with all these you will get Premium Mock Tests which will help you to practice and get feel of How questions are Asked

Key Features of G-Drive Course

  • We will send you the course in Google Drive from where you have to download the video in your laptop/android (min version 6.0) mobile and watch it on Well Academy Video Player. You need only one time internet for downloading the video. After that it will be like offline course only.
  • No limitation in downloading. You can download multiple times. After that, you can play offline without an internet connection.
  • G-Drive will be delivered within 4 days, You will get Access of the Course through Mail.
Who Can Register For This Course ??
  • Students who are in Final Year of their Graduation
  • Pass-out Freshers who are yet to get Job
  • Any Job Seeker
What are the Skills Required ??
You should Know Basic Mathematics That’s it, Also you will learn many Tricks of Calculation
What are the Topics Covered in this Package ??
This Prelim’s Pack is Specially Designed for the Students who are preparing for Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability Which are Important Subjects for any Government Exams Preparation, All the Important Topics Needed in Various Preliminary Exam you will Learn in the Course.
Curriculum for this course
  • Aptitude Test 01
  • Aptitude test 02
  • Aptitude Test 03
  • Aptitude Test 04
  • Aptitude Test 05
  • Aptitude Test 06
  • Aptitude Test 07
  • Aptitude test 08
  • Aptitude test 09
  • Aptitude Test 10
  • Aptitude test 11
  • Aptitude test 12
  • Reasoning Test 01
  • Reasoning Test 02
  • Reasoning Test 03
  • Reasoning Test 04
  • Reasoning Test 05
  • Reasoning Test 06
  • Reasoning Test 07
  • Reasoning Test 08
  • Reasoning Test 09
  • Reasoning Test 10
  • Reasoning Test 11
  • Reasoning Test 12
  • about
  • About
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude 1000 Practice Questions
  • Reasoning Ability 1000 Practice Questions

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    300+ Video Lectures
    40+ Mock Tests
    30+ Chapterwise E-books
    1200+ Examples Solved in Videos
    2000 Practice Questions
    Download Videos (in App)
    Language : Hindi-English
    Validity : 6 Months